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The Creative Protocol

Business Empire Architects

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Business Success Strategies
Your Competition will NEVER See Coming

Aggressive Personal Contact.  Awe-inspiring Digital Content.

Tightly Integrated Media Communications.  Exquisitely Styled Branding.

Our strategies have led our clients to be included in

Our clients enjoy ALL the benefits of our long and deep relationships with internationally recognized and tightly targeted niche-market organizations. 

We design all-encompassing strategies for our clients to obtain the media exposure, business networks, and profit margins they demand.


How We Do What We Do

You tell us
Where you want to take your business
How far you want your reach to go 
How many team members are available to help
We determine
Who you know
How you know them
If they know YOU &
If they know you
Why and how well
How that helps YOU
We then 
Design the strategy 
Curate the opportunities
Position you to take advantage of them
Walk you through how to be successful in them
REPEAT the process



We were OP&A prior to Scandal ever airing.  

If you're in business for more than 10 seconds, you NEED to be armed with Threat Assessment & Crisis Management techniques.  Knowing when to fight, when to let things pass, how to get "your side" out, and who to contact when things go south are the keys to taking down the entities trying to take you out. 


Brand development, image management, digital content curation, media engagement, web presence, speaking opportunities, business leads, and doing business and socializing with The Select require precise execution.  You do not get a second chance to make the first impression.  We specialize in getting you in front of the right people, the right way, the FIRST time.


You don't want to engage community, or manage the community, or be involved in the community.  You want the community that buys your products, uses your services, works in your offices and stores to be your TRIBE, your family, your Ace and Wingman.  For that to happen, they must feel a certain affinity - or affection - for you.  We can get you "in there".


No one is going to sell your business like you.  So you need to speak about it and sell it like you're a million dollar closer - whether you like sales or not.  You also need to talk with the press in a way that translates knowledge without elitism, confidence without arrogance, and warmth without sexual overtone.  This is what we do for clients - let us help you.




Chief Design Architect

CEO Ebony Hillsman  uses her extensive experience in  media and communication as fuel for her clients to blow right past their competition. 


Her knowledge-base and skills were gained as a Journalist in the newsroom for the world's largest news organization for over a decade, and working with a variety of highly niched to Fortune 100 companies and non-profits.


Instead of producing major stories, managing breaking news and live events; Ebony now designs the strategies for her clients to BE the major stories, breaking [good!] news, and featured on live events.  


Ebony has founded, led and served on the Board of Directors of several high profile non-profit organizations in the Atlanta area.  She obtained her BS degree in Journalism from Florida A&M University, an MBA in Project Management from Jones International University. 


Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell is an incredibly accomplished business woman who manages several organizations that include legal and accounting practices, book and magazine publishing houses, TV and radio production teams, and is also a bestselling author and keynote speaker.

BURST Agency is "management for the affluent lifestyle".  Led by Renaissance Woman CEO Cynthia Jouber't, BURST works with some of the most talented and hottest professionals in the music industry, including Bruno Mars.

The Liberian Consulate is the official ambassador of the Republic of Liberia in the United States, representing the country's economic, social, and humanitarian interests while developing strong ties to local organizations.



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